Lauren Ward is an established Celebrity, Commercial, and Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist.

Based in Chicago, Lauren has steady commercial clients including AKIRA Clothing, Dillard's, K-Mart, Kenmore Appliances, Sears, Selfie Styler, and Vtech

Lauren has mastered speed; styling both hair and makeup looks in very short amounts of time.  She is aware, and present on set, sure to make adjustments as fit, and enjoys communicating with Art-Directors and Wardrobe Stylists to ensure "on-brand" styling

When not on set, Lauren is glamming celebrity clients for press, brides, and anyone with special occasion needs.
Best known for creating clean, perfected skin, and natural smokey eye looks,

"I specialize in subtle sexy"
*Inspired by Ellen Vonunwerth, and her ability to capture of idea of the powerful, unapologetic woman.