Lauren A. Ward Lauren A. Ward


Lauren Ward is an established Commercial and Special Events Artists, providing Makeup & Hair services throughout the Midwest

Lauren is aware, and present on set, making adjustments as needed.  She loves being involved in the creation process, and will offer an opinion or extra hand, whatever you're in need of. Lauren enjoys communicating with Art-Directors, Wardrobe Stylists, and YOU as the client, to ensure "on-brand" styling, and complete satisfaction

When not on set, Lauren is glamming celebrity clientele, and anyone with special occasion needs. You can also catch her experimenting in the kitchen, or soaking up the minimal Chicago sun.

Best known for creating clean, perfected skin, and natural smokey eye looks,

"I specialize in subtle sexy" 

*Inspired by Ellen Vonunwerth, and her ability to capture of idea of the powerful, unapologetic woman.